Collaborative Work

As far as the heading is concerned there are various avenues possible to work in collaboration e.g. A yoga teacher having his / her yoga school and desirous of collaborative work can do so.
Like the Yoga - Ayurveda combination, music – Ayurveda, astrology – Ayurveda, massage- Ayurveda can work together for maintenance of  health or for curing diseases. If you are interested in such type of collaborative works please contact us and also join the course on internet.

Yoga and Ayurveda

This is a grand opportunity for a collaborative work! You have started working in one of the Indian disciplines and have realized the efficacy and importance of yoga already. Unfortunately the anatomical, physiological base of yoga has been derived from modern medicine, which did not have even the existence at the time of 'patanjali'. In fact Ayurveda was the medical science associated with the maintenance of health and curing the patients at the time of 'patanjali'. Even today people develop interest in yoga and Ayurveda either for maintenance of health or for getting their ailments cured. The Ayurvedic system of medicine has one principle resembling with the principle of Yoga (Sankhya – philosophy) and the principles of yoga are far different than that of modern medicine. Ayurveda takes into account the whole life style individually for an holistic approach. Even if, diet and other necessary changes, like body massage with oil etc. are made, it helps both either for maintenance of health or as treatment for patients suffering from diseases like back ache, spondylosis, asthma, arthritis, etc. So if we work together with a combination of Yoga  and Ayurveda called as Ayur-Yoga, it gives very good results. This is being practiced at “St. Kilda Yoga School” in Melbourne, Australia in collaboration with Simon Marrocco. I am regularly visiting the center once in a year for the physical examination and consultations. However advise about diet etc. can be given online at a nominal cost.

If you are interested in such a collaboration, then please contact us. You may consult Simon Marrocco for his experience.

Our Collaborator's Websites
Following are our collaborator's websites :

Simon Marrocco, Melbourne, Australia

Mira Mehta, London, UK

Personal Teaching

It will better for the person who wishes to know Ayurveda, takes admission to the courses of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. In case of any difficulty, only for deserving students, I may spare an hour a week to teach Ayurveda.  

A series of lectures in a stipulated time of 2-3 weeks can be given to a group of students abroad for a particular subject like maintenance of health according to Ayurveda etc. People interested in such an activity may please contact us.



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