About Vaidya Dilip Gadgil
Name  : Dilip P. Gadgil
Address : ”Varadakripa”, Survey No. 11/2, Shahu Col. lane no. 1, Near Cummins college and Hotel Rudra, Karvenagar, Pune 411052
Date of Birth : 13 May 1955  
Phone  (R) 91-20-2547310, Clinic-91-20-24475360, Mobile - 9422080882 
Email : dilipgadgil@ayurvedamrita.com
Website www.ayurvedamrita.com , www.health-ayur-world.com
Present Designation / position : Ex. Professor at Samhita Siddhant Department, Ayurveda College, Wagholi..  

Practicing Ayurveda since 1980 & also working as Ayurvedic Consultamt at Deenanath Mageshkar Hospital, Pune and Institute of  Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore..

Academic & Professional Qualification:  





B. A. M. S.  

Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya  (University of Pune)   Ayurveda  


M. D. 

Ashtang Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya (University of Pune)   Samhita  Ayurveda  


Ph. D.  University of Pune Ayurveda  


B. A. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Sanskrit  1978
M.A. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Sanskrit Vyakarana   1980


University of Pune Sanskrit 


Fields & Sub fields of Specialization: Ayurveda & Sanskrit  
Research work carried out: 

A) Ayurvediya Triskandha-kosha:  The University has undertaken since 1989  Ayurvediya Triskandha-kosha  Project; which is of significant importance not only to the "Tilak Maharashtra University", but also to Ayurveda and the nation. Compilation of causes of diseases, their symptoms and treatment from the main texts of Ayurveda namely Charakasamhita, Sushrutasamhita, Ashtangasangrahasamhita and Ashtangahrudayasamhita; and presenting the same in the alphabetical order from various aspects; thus giving the access to vast storage of knowledge, is the nature of work of this project. The information in these texts is scattered and intermixed; hence researchers and practitioners do not get the information about a disease at one place. Valuable time and efforts of all the researchers are lost in achieving the same. Besides, if all the references from the texts are not viewed together, it may lead to incomplete and deficient information. To permanently overcome the barrier (for once and all); particularly faced by the researchers, Late Vaidya M. V. Kolhatkar started this project. The work is unique, tedious and since it requires to blend the knowledge of Ayurveda, Sanskrit language and computer, is rather complicated. In spite of this, the University has successfully completed in a span of 19 years, the whole project with following publications / releases.  

1. Lakshana Kosha (Volume of signs and symptoms with Diseases/Health consisting of 3200 pages approx. in three volumes. (Released on 2nd Feb. 2002 at the auspicious hands of Hon. Murlimanohar Joshi, the HRD Minister.)

2. Hetu-Kosha – Volumes of the Causes of Health & Diseases of 3200 pages approx. in three volumes. (Released on 20th March 2004 at the auspicious hands of Vaidya Shriramji Sharma, President CCIM.)

3. Ayuta-Nidana – An Ayurvedic Diagnostic Software, based on Lakshana-Kosha & Hetu-Kosha. (Released on 18th April 2005 at the auspicious hands of Hon. Arjunsinghji, the HRD Minister & Hon. Shivarajji Patil, Union Home Minister.)

4. Aushadha-Kosha – Volumes of the Treatments of Health / Diseases of 8000 pages in 7 volumes. (Released on 1st August 2008 at the auspicious hands of Hon. Vilasraoji Deshmukh, the Chief Minister, Maharashtra State.)

5. Ayuta-Upachara – An Ayurvedic Treatment Software based on Aushadha-Kosha is also readily available.

This is of great help in diagnosing and treating diseases of current era, like Cancer, Heart disease, Chronic Renal Failure etc. from Ayurvedic point of view.

This is a great achievement of University and its "The Late Vaidya P. G. Nanal Department Of Ayurveda".

B) Cancer Research Project: -  

At present cancer, which instincts fear in the minds of people and causes a very painful and miserable death has become a dreaded disease. The researchers all over the world have put in their best efforts but in vain. Hence, to know what Ayurveda can do in this area and at the same time, work for the benefit of society; "The late Vaidya P. G. Nanal Department of Ayurveda, Tilak Maharashtra University (Deemed University)" had submitted a project "Primary Study of Cancer in Ayurvedic Perspective" to I. S. M. and H. department (Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy) working under Health and Family Welfare Ministry. I. S. M. and H. accepted the proposal and the three year project started from 1 April l999. 

Studying Cancer from Ayurvedic viewpoint was a major part of this project. It aimed to find causes of Cancer according to Ayurveda; to diagnose it according to Ayurveda (To Include under Arbuda, Granthi, Gulma etc. diseases or think about it as a totally new disease.) It also aimed at finding the prognosis of cancer patients according to Ayurveda and to find out guidelines for treatment of cancer. Patients suffering from cancer were being treated in the project and the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment was assessed. 

On 26th June l999 an O. P. D. for cancer patient was started in the University under this project and free Ayurvedic treatment was made available to any Cancer patient.

Since patients generally come for Ayurvedic treatment after taking all modern; allopathic treatment (Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation), the aim of treatment has to be confined to reducing pain or sorrow and trying to increase life and its quality in the patient. If the patient comes in an early stage or without taking any prior treatment, then efforts towards total cure can be made.


  • Life member,  Bodies/learned society. Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute Pune. 
  • Life member & Secretary, Vidyarthi Mitra Vaidya  M. V. Kolhatakar Ayurveda Pratishthana.
  • Life member of Ayurveda Mahasammelana.
  • Founder member of Patanjala Academy of Yoga and Ayurveda, Melbourne, Australia.
Professional Experience:
Principal Ayurvedic Physician for Cancer at TMV. Working as Ayurvedic Consultant at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital every Wenesday & Saturday 9 to 11 am..
Specific Experience / Association In the field Technical Education :
Curriculum development for
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Life Style Management
  • Bachelor of  Tibetian Medicine & Surgery, Course.  
  • Abhyang Mardan Tantradnya Diploma Course (Ayurvedic Massage)
  • Master or of Ayurvedic Dietetics.
Additional Information:
a) Visits Abroad:
Visiting Melbourne (Australia )  every year  for giving  lectures on Ayurveda since 1998.  Also visiting European countries like Germany, Austria, France, Italy & England regularly 
b) Awards:   
  • The late Vaidya Shivnath Sharma award for Laxshankosha delivered at the auspicious hands of Shri Bhairavsingh Shekhawat, Vice President of India and in the presence of Dr. Muralimanohar Joshi and Smt. Sushma Swaraj.

  • Vaidya M.V. Kolhatakar Research  Award by Khadiwale Vaidya Sanshodhan Sanstha.  
  • 'Neela’ Paritoshik from Ravishri Nidhi.
  • 'Outstanding Young Person' award from Pune  Jaycees. 
c) Books Published:     
  • Prarambhika Paniniyama & Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi ( books on Sanskrit grammar.) 
  • Ayurveda Samaj Gairsamaja(Beliefs & Misbelieves about Ayurveda)
  • Ayurvediya Hitopadesha
  • Laxshankosha, Principal Editor, February 2002.
  • Hetukosha, Principal Editor , March 2004
  • Aushadha-Kosha Editor, August 2008
  • Software Release AYUTA Nidan, a diagnostic Software & Ayuta Upachara, Ayurvedic Treatment Software, as a Principal investigator of Triskandha Kosha project.
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