1 Treatment Treatment to all sorts of patients including cases like arthritis, bronchitis, asthma (Dama), hyperacidity (amlapitta), skin disorders, heart diseases, renal (kidney) failure, cancer, AIDS, ITP, multiple sclerosis etc. is available, Various types of treatments such as oil massage, stream bath, Panchkarma, Shirodhara, Netratarpana, etc. are available in the clinic.  

Shirodhara facility carried out at our clinic
2.Consultation & Medicines Consultation are available only by prior appointments. We generally use medicines prepared by us or under our supervision. Some products like chyvanaprasha, various oils, some food products and powder for cleaning teeth are also available in the clinic and can be purchased.   we
        make most of the medicines in clinic itself
3) Netratarpana: It's a special procedure especially used for dieses of eye or even for giving strength to the eye. Medicated ghee preparations are kept over the eyes with an arrangement as shown in the picture. This is very much useful for strains in the eyes due to excessive use of computers etc. Netratarpana facilty carried out at our clinic

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